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 Frequently asked questions:

   1. What is is a blogging site which provides you the platform to share your blogs on any topic you like. The site has various categories of the blog such as articles, poems and many more.

   2. What is the purpose of

       The purpose of this site is to provide a platform to all the writers to share their thoughts, ideas in the form of blog and to all the readers to entertain themselves with different kind of blogs.

   3. How to get started with writing?

     Sign up using Gmail or Facebook > If you are being interested in writing then inform us via email or through the chat box provided on the site > You'll be informed that you're assigned as a writer shortly > Go to > Refresh the page > Go to ‘Blog’ > Click on ‘Create a blog’.


In case, if ‘Create a blog’ option isn’t visible, please do refresh the site one more time.

   4. What to do if you change your mind to become a writer instead of being only a reader on the site?

    In that case, just inform us through the chat box or email us at We shall make you an active writer.

   5. How to comment on any blog?

       The site requires you to sign up to comment on any of the blogs.

   6. How to interact with other writers on the site?

       Interestingly, the site does provide a chat box where you can chat with other writers.

   7. What are the factors to keep in mind while posting?

          The following steps can be followed by using post settings:

  • Do not forget to write Excerpt (extract) before you post.

  • Add a cover picture to make your post conspicuous.

  • Post your blog in the relevant category.

  • If uploading any copyright graphics, mention at the end of the blog.

  • Upload pictures, videos, GIF to make your post-eye-catching.

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