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The word “emotional healing” might sound dramatic but it is a common process which we ought to practice and go through. As the life of ours is an expert in throwing us into unexpected situations at unexpected times, to survive it all emotional healing is a must.

Loss of loved ones, failed relationships, broken friendships, family issues, sickness, financial crisis, termination of a job, betrayal, backstabbing, any of these could get anyone broken.

Just like when we get physically hurt, we put on a band-aid, apply some ointment and give the wound some time to get healed, when we are emotionally hurt, we have to do the necessaries for it to get healed, and yes, of course, time plays the main role here too.

In this, we will read about how emotional pain leads to physical pain, what to do to heal us emotionally, and also the signs to find whether we are getting healed or not.


Well, it might be shocking to know that emotional pain has the power to give us physical pain, but unfortunately, it is true. Emotional pain from any of those life situations which I mentioned in the intro part, (or it can be something else too) when bottled up inside as secrets become emotional blocks.

The most common reason we don’t say it out to anyone is because of our defense mechanism: It tries to prevent us from getting judged or looked down on. Or something we can’t find the right words to express our pain and sufferings, so we hide it from others.

The unexpressed emotions get trapped inside our body and drain our energy and also leads to emotional imbalance, burnouts. It gets stored in our muscles, organs, and tissues and eventually leads to inflammations, chronic health problems. ( all biological terms, right? yeah, I know )

Dr. Bradley Nelson, a renowned holistic physician says that “90% of the pain that the body feels is due to trapped emotions”.


(4 R's)

1) Recognize:

We have to be honest with ourselves. We first have to feel it to heal it. We have to acknowledge what is happening inside of us. We have to feel it, accept it completely. ( No judgment! ) While it might seem like the scariest thing to do, you know, to embrace our emotions and feelings, but we have to just face it!

2) Respond:

Once we are aware of our emotions, the next step is to express them out. We can do anything to let it out. For example, we can run, scream, scribble, dance, sing, cry, paint, do yoga, gardening. We can do anything.

The best one among these is journaling our emotions. It helps us to find what is truly happening on the inside and to get a hold of it. It narrows down our mixed-up feelings and confusing emotions and helps us to come up with solutions.

3) Reset:

Let's start fresh! Let's spend time with ourselves and build healthy habits according to our likes and preferences such as reading books, exercising, watching informative YouTube videos and documentaries. Let's eat healthy food.

Let's stay in touch with people who are warm and positive and keep some distance from "energy draining - negative people". Let's adopt pets if we can, grow plants in our backyard or balcony. Meditation, praying and much more good activities are there for us to channel our energy in the right and healthy way.

4) Remind:

Let's remind us that healing is a nasty process. One time, we might feel good and all healed up and the other time we don’t know if we can ever overcome this hard time, and also at times, we might feel like we are back to where we were (the same stupid painful starting point ).

It's okay! It's not a linear process.

Let's keep saying to ourselves that we are stronger and this too shall pass! Let's keep doing good things, saying good and positive statements to ourselves :)

One day we will be healed without even us noticing it!


Let's see everything as lessons and learn from it. Each and every one of us has our own healing period, so let's not rush or force it. Let's do our best and leave the rest for" the time" to take care of!

With each pain and struggle, we keep getting stronger, wiser, and better.

Everything will be fine in the end, if it's not then that’s not the end!