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Appreciating life after the outbreak “Coronavirus”.

“Things are sweeter when they're lost. I know--because once I wanted something and got it. It was the only thing I ever wanted badly, Dot, and when I got it turned to dust in my hand.”F. Scott Fitzgerald

Let me take you back in time. Just a few months back, before the pandemic had even started. I was cursing at the traffic with no parking available anywhere, complaining about how my city is boring and that the supermarket near my house didn’t have my favorite snack. Huh!!. Soon after, my country had announced a national lockdown for many days, just like any other. When I was at home, I realized what a beautiful and blessed life I have, which I thought was casual. Little did I know I was taking things for granted and complaining about the most trivial things in life.

When I look back at how things were back then, I can think about many aspects where I failed to see the importance that I see nowadays.

Back then, I had the choice to do whatever I wanted at any time and go out anytime. Okay, maybe not at night cause I still live at my parent’s house ( sigh!! ). I was free to do anything as long as I didn’t do anything illegal or break any law. I had the freedom to do anything I wished, and yet I whined about the miles I had to cover. During the lockdown, I needed a valid reason to go out, with cops stopping vehicles on every street, wearing a mask even though you’re inside the car. Staying indoor has taught me that losing control of the fundamental aspects of your life makes you uncomfortable. These are the things we consider casual and expected. We only realize the value of them when they vanish.

Life and technology have developed by leaps and bounds over the years. Two decades ago, we needed to carry a digital camera for photos; group chatting was not even a thing; group video call was never possible. Now, we enjoy so many benefits with just a touch. You can order food, get your groceries delivered, or send a package to your friend without stepping outside. When the delivery executive arrived late, I would be so angry at the company. I even emailed Jeff Bezos regarding their reduced delivery time because they took three extra days to deliver. I was so impatient back then that I had searched for his email all over the internet. During the lockdown, I would wait for a week to get the same service. The comfort of technology and the services that the company provides us are priceless.

I had a hard time picking the right snack for my late-night cravings, I would roll my eyes saying “Mhan! Someone needs to create some interesting snack out here” That was despite having a wide variety of snack on the rack. I wanted something new, always.

The same applied to all of the restaurants I go to or shopping malls I visited. I have had enough chips that they all taste the same. I was fed up with restaurants near my house, and would explore options far away from me. I used to travel to the closest hill station to sip a cup of tea. Locked up at home, I realized my mum’s cooking is much better than anything; nothing will even come close to her cooking. I never used to appreciate it cause I was so used to it, and now I realize the importance and the taste.

I would travel the extra distance to add variety in my life. During the lockdown, I was scared to get a simple meal from outside, forget burgers and pizza; I would have loved to get my hands on some Pani puri. The more variety we have, the more we crave. ” Desires are like fire. We try to quench them by satisfying them. This is as bad as trying to put out the fire.“

No matter which city you live in, you always have great opportunities to relax and have fun. I had the option to go bowling even though I suck at it, karting, which I loved the most. Even though I had many ways to have fun, I compared my city with others. I nagged throughout, ” Damn, my city sucks, it’s so boring nothing to do at all”. When I was locked in and resorting to board games, I realize how fun-filled my city is.

Smiles are hidden behind the mask; with just eyebrows going up and down, we say hello. By the way, I love the corona handshake, hahaha!

The past few months, staying at home gave me a lot of things to think about, and I have learned a valuable lesson that I will never forget. I have always been targeting my gigantic goals, always grinding to reach there, losing sight of my present. The world around you is full of things to relish, cherish, so enjoy the present. I’m not asking you to stop chasing your goals, but when you are at it, enjoy the present. Experience the happiness around you.

You feel the pain only when something is missing. Some of the things in your day to day may seem common and expected. Hence we start taking it for granted and go about our day. Let us stop taking things for granted and start to appreciate everything that we have at present. You never know when it’s going to be snatched away from you. So never take anything for granted.

No matter who you are, where you are, which part of the world you are. We can always find a reason to complain about anything. You will find tons of things around you that is not right. Rejoice for the things you have might be taken away from you one day. The global pandemic has made my life hard, but it has got me stronger.

Peace!! Instagram Artwork: Tom Brown


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