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Are you an introvert?

Are you the type who prefers to be alone rather than socializing? Do you feel your energies getting drained when you are around more people for a long time? Do you prefer to stay home and watch movie/series over going out to party? Do you focus on connecting with your inner self over connecting with the outside world? If so, you might be an introvert. Or maybe, there could be someone you know who actually is an introvert, but you didn't realise it till now. Don't stop here, keep reading to find more interesting things about introverts.


An introvert focuses mainly on his/her inner feelings, emotions and thoughts rather than focusing on the external sources.He/she prefers to be in a happy comfy place with few people who give him/her a family feel. The person with this personality type is known to have introversion personality which is just one of the personality types.


To know why some people are introverts while some are extroverts, we have to first know how our body reacts to the outside environment. According to psychologist Hans Eysenck, the amount of arousal or stimulation levels one receives from the external world has got everything to do with introversion and extroversion.

He says that there is a system called the Reticular Activating System (RAS) in our brain which helps keep us alert and safe from danger. Each person has different levels of arousal from the RAS. The introverts, at the time of potential threats, receive more amount of arousal levels when compared to extroverts. Because of receiving overstimulation, they feel drained and they look for an escape from overstimulation by seeking out quiet lone time.

And according to psychologist Hans Eysenck, he says 15 per cent of the whole population are introverts, another 15 per cent are extroverts and the rest 70 per cent of people are in between these two extremes.



  • When you are in a place filled with extroverts, you feel like you don't belong there.

  • You are better at expressing your thoughts in writings over verbalising.

  • You get caught up very often overthinking and daydreaming.

  • You know you can interact with others but you don't prefer doing it. Example: you feel tense while answering unknown calls and seeing strangers or relatives on your doorstep.

  • Your productivity increases when you are alone.

  • You complete your works efficiently and faster when you are doing it alone.

  • You have only a few people with whom you are regularly in touch with. 

  • People label you as shy type, reserved type, rude, calm.

  • It is difficult for others to understand you or approach you.

  • You are too self-conscious about yourself.

  • You want to talk to people normally like extroverts but you always don't seem to know the right words to talk.


  • Introverts hate people: NO

  • Introverts have the attitude thing and they are rude to others: NO

  • Introversion is a social disorder which needs to be fixed or changed: NO

  • Introverts envy extroverts and are desperate to be like extroverts: NO

  • Introverts are shy and socially awkward people: NO


The above-stated ones couldn't be any further away from the truth. Introverts are people who like to have their own comfy happy place. They are like other people, they do talk to others. They do like others. Inversion is just a type of personality traits, not a disorder. They sure like extroverts and how they carry the energy and vibe wherever they go

. Being introverts is who they are and they won't change it for any reasons. Trying to be extroverts hell drains their energies.

Also, they are not shy people. Shyness means fear of social situations and people. Introverts just don't like interacting with other people for a long time.No fear! I hope you can understand the difference between likeness and fear!


Introverts are very picky in who they let into their lives, so if you are one of their chosen ones, you are special for them. They would be loyal, committed to you.

  • Introverts are good listeners.

  • Good observers.

  • They would be good relationship partners: they won't be too clingy or high maintenance.


Well, the answer to this question is no, for varying reasons. The first is they cannot change themselves and the second answer is there is no need for them to change. Let's dig a little deeper into the answers. Shall we?

They cannot change: If we are born as introverts, we are bound to remain the same as we are wired like that biologically.

No need to change: As I said before, sure introverts like extroverts but introverts cannot become them as nothing would ever change the fact that such extrovert interactions and behaviours would drain them.

Well, the good twist is they can be extroverted introverts. They can learn social skills and master them with practice and have extrovert's energy in their lives too.

It's going to be hard to believe when I say Lady Gaga, Audrey Hepburn and Johnny Depp are introverts too. But yes, they are! And they can be like that too! ( EXTROVERTED INTROVERTS :D)


The world needs introverts too. Introverts who see things little different, who think a little deeper, who seek meaning a little more than others.

If you are an introvert, let me tell you something. Be who you are. Try to embrace your beautiful design and work on it to make it even more meaningful and beautiful than how it was. Don't fight against your very nature. The world needs all kinds of people and yes, definitely introverts come on top of the list :)



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