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Before proceeding forward to see what is there in this book, let us travel back in time to recall how you were when you were a kid. Were you all clumsy, stumbling and falling as you took each step? Were you all smiling and cheerfully screaming your lungs out? Did it affect you back then, when people came to see you and gave their comments about your nature and your look? Did you have all your life planned already that you were so free and stress-less? Come on, you know the answers to all these questions; So what exactly happened? What happened to the child inside you? What made you change from the merry, stress-free, full-of-love kid, into this restless, anxious person that you are right now?

 It’s so ironical that you were happy back then when you didn’t even know half the things which you now know! You were content when you had nothing figured out about your life, so why can’t you be like that now? What is stopping you? Enough with the questions, let’s do Sherlock Holmes analysis now. Ha-ha, I was just trying to sound like a smarty pant. Okay, now to the point, let’s just try to understand what went wrong and also where it went wrong.

When you were a kid, you were precisely like a newly bought beautiful sponge product, which was all nicely wrapped up with a plastic cover. No entry of dirt could go inside the product (you). But as time passed, there came a demand to tear the cover of comfort zone off, so that life can use the product (you). When the cover was off, the world started splashing water of various kinds such as peer pressure water, “should have gotten it done by now” water, “fake labelled standards set by the society” water, “unwanted dramas in the world” water, etc. These types of water knowingly or unknowingly were being absorbed by the sponge(you) continuously. After a certain time, you as a sponge, would start to feel heavy, as you couldn’t hold up the accumulated water. In the worst case, the sponge would even start to leak. This leaking gives out water in the form of negativity, self-pity, inferiority complex, hatred towards the life and the world. Just like a cycle, you let yourself absorb all the splashing water, thus feel heavy at one moment, and in the other moment, you let the world squeeze you out completely till you have nothing more to squeeze you off. 

So, now if you ask me if this is how the world works, what can we do to change this, well it expects not many changes. We just have to be vigilant about what we absorb from the outside and what we give out back to the outside world. Keep it your absolute priority to sustain the child inside you and let nothing from the outside world contaminate that purest version of yourself. Celebrate yourself and motivate others to do the same. And this means no intake of negativity and sending out only positivity. This reminds me of a quote from Theodor Seuss “Ted” Geisel, an American political cartoonist, illustrator, poet, animator, screenwriter, and filmmaker. His quote goes like this 

“Adults are just outdated children.” — Dr Seuss.

Step one’s view: Recall the child inside you. Mix its merriness and purity to your personality and let its magic and love take over the rest of your life blissfully.

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