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Dead Inside

Straight outta the coffin in which he was once laid,

Rose a dead man and here's what he said:

"This must have been the longest slumber,

Lay there counting sheep, ran out of numbers"

He strolled down the graveyard among the clumsy crosses,

Some tombstones decorated, some engulfed in mosses

Recapitulating the car accident he was involved in,

The wounds still prominent, but he was free from any suffering

He kept walking down the road crowded with people,

Totally unnoticed, their voices he perceived feeble

About a hundred meters from where he had died,

He was shocked to see an astonishing sight

The dead soul devastated wanted to shout and cry,

As he saw his mistress walking hand in hand with another guy

He died once again, only this time it was no accident,

His soul was ripped to pieces with the feeling of resentment

He realized people really don't give a damn after you die,

'I'll love you forever' is all but a lie.


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