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Do you get bored very easily?

Since we get bored very often, we can easily remember the last time we were bored to death, right? This feeling cannot be considered uncommon, so let’s get to know a little more about boredom.

In this blog article, we will be able to find answers for the following universally wondered questions:

  1. Does everyone get bored equally or am I one of the few unlucky people to get bored very easily?

  2. Why does boredom affect some people very badly than others?

  3. Do only bored people get bored?

  4. Since boredom visits us very often, are there even any benefits from it?

  5. Is there any proper way to handle boredom?

Every single person in this world experience boredom every now and then. There is nothing wrong or abnormal with that. If so, then only some people get affected by boredom, not others?

The only difference between people who seem to never get bored and people who get bored frequently is how they react to their boredom state.

This also has everything to do with why some people don’t get swayed away by boredom while others just collapse at the very thought of getting bored.

If a person reacts to boredom in a negative way, he/she will get to face the negative consequences and unwanted eruption of negative and uncomfortable feelings. Whereas, if a person takes boredom as one of the human feelings (casually), he/she will just do fine. It is because of the attitude towards it and nothing else.

Some say the reason why we get bored is that we are boring. In other words, do only boring people get bored?

Don’t worry, none is boring. Everyone is unique, mysterious, and interesting in their own ways. ( I can hear you saying, that you don’t want any general cheesy statements but just the TRUTH. ) Okay, here it is. It is so untrue- "If you get bored easily, it doesn’t mean you are boring."

There are two types of people who get bored easily:

  1. People with high vibes, who always seek adventure and thrill. For those people, the normal routine life wouldn’t be able to reach their standard of happy living. Thus, those people get bored easily.

  2. The second type is the opposite of the first type. These people can also be called a certain kind of introvert. They love fun and thrill but the world seems like a scary place for them so they try to shut themselves and try not to face it. They live in their small comfy place to prevent them from getting stressed and afraid. Though this might be safe, they are not satisfied with just the safety, they miss the fun and lively outside world and hence they suffer chronic boredom. ( poor people right? ) Hehe, It defines me in some ways. Are you like this too?

Whenever we get bored, normally we do certain things to take care of it properly so that we don’t get affected by it.

But it’s been said that in the process of trying to control it we are just aggravating the boredom urge.

Really? How?

The moment we feel we are bored, we take out our phones and dive into social networks and start surfing and scrolling the feed to chase away the boredom feeling. But unknowingly we are getting addicted to the constant dopamine hit of new content and news on social networks and thus our mind gets tuned into ceaseless expectation mode.

Also, by being in this zone, we are stopping our mind to solve the boredom problems and urge on its own.

As a result, instead of controlling the boredom urge, we are turning into its slaves. Our tolerance towards boredom changes and now we need to keep getting more and more new stuff to keep us from getting bored.


Also, we get into bad and unhealthy habits and stuffs to fight against the boredom urge. Some start to drink, smoke, use cannabis, overeat, commit mistakes and get into damage eventually. It seems like a bad influence right?

Is boredom meant for our destruction? Really? But we know that each and every feeling we bound to experience, is there for a good reason.

So, if that’s the case, does boredom even bear any benefits instead of being a driving destructive force meant for our bad?

Yes, every feeling we get to feel is there for a reason. For example fear is there to prevent us from getting into dangerous stuff, sadness is there to prevent us from making mistakes.

Likewise, boredom motivates us to try new things, explore new experiences. It triggers our curious minds and helps us tap into our creative skills and our problem-solving abilities. It prevents us from getting buried in our old ways (unproductive- old habits).

Even if boredom is a good thing, it’s still an uncomfortable and least preferred state to be in. So, how to handle it?

Instead of trying to fear it or drive it away, we can learn to embrace it, face it. Feeling bored, every now and then is good for us. We can learn to be present in the present moment. Since it boosts our creativity and problem-solving skills, we can use it for our good. Instead of distracting when we get hit with boredom, let’s try to sit with ourselves, learn about ourselves a little more, dive into our world, daydream, build healthy good habits, relax and work on ourselves and on our work. After a while, it will just fade away. So, no need to get defensive or scared. Just go with the flow.