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Be honest now, okay? How many times have you felt a void or emptiness in your life? Many times right?

In this chapter, we will be talking about the most wondered question related to the emptiness which is: What is emptiness and when does one feel it? Is it normal to feel empty just like that? And how to fill the void or emptiness?

So now answering our first question: Emptiness or feeling a void in our heart is just so confusing and depressing.

Emptiness can just catch anyone and anytime:

We might be a person with good looks, good education, financial support and good health, and all the time surrounded by trustworthy friends and lovable family but still, we can catch us saying we feel empty. ( It is natural to feel such a feeling sometimes.)

For example, when you are scrolling through the Instagram news-feed you can see what people are up to and what they are doing with their lives and suddenly you might feel something inside you. Well, that can be a sign of having a void in your heart.

Emptiness can come anytime and for many reasons:

i) When you don't know what you are doing with your life ( be it your work life or personal life or social life )

ii) When you are not sure of your passion and ambition and you are just surviving in this fast-paced-money world instead of truly living by going after your passion or ambition. In other words when your passion is far away from your career.

iii) When you know what you have to do to make you happy and peaceful but you are scared of people's judgement or when you limit yourself to your comfort zone.

iv)When you spend your life by pleasing people that you forget to spend time for you ( ME TIME )

v) When you are constantly comparing yourselves with someone whom you think is the best and you try to be them instead of being you.

vii) When you are a person who has "half glass empty " mindset, when you try to self-pity you, searching for all the things which can make you feel like you don't have anything despite all the things you have, then you have a high chance of feeling empty, way often than other people.

viii) When you have your hope and trust broken

ix) When you have gone through a break-up or lost someone who meant more (the world) to you.

x) When you feel you couldn't contribute anything significant to anyone around. ( When you feel your presence doesn't make a difference to anything or anyone )

See, these are some of the reasons which I was able to come up with, which seemed to relate to the cause of emptiness. Among these ten, you might have found your cause for emptiness or there can be something else too.

All I know for sure is, feeling empty is a way of reminding ourselves that something is incomplete(missing) and it gives us the time to think about it and urges us to complete the incomplete ones in our lives. It is natural and common.