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Majority of us are so scared of public speaking . When asked to speak, we look for all possible ways to avoid it. When we are forced to speak, our legs get shaky, our voice shudder, our hands tremble. All of a sudden we get anxious, we experience breathing problem, our face turn pale and some even get our temperature raised. And for some of us, our hands get too cold.

All these have been felt and experienced by the majority of us right? Why do we fear public speaking? How to handle it cool? These are all the common doubts which we have in our mind. Let us get the answers for all these questions and let us rock the stage next time when we get to face our biggest fear: PUBLIC SPEAKING



Our body is designed in such a way that it trigger feelings like fear and anxiety when subjected to any threats or uncertain things. Public speaking is one of those uncertain things. Since we don't like to deal with such feelings, we try to avoid activities evoking such feelings.


We have to view speaking in public as one of the forms of communicating with others our opinions and ideas. If we put our focus on us getting evaluated instead of us being heard and understood, anxiety and fear step in and mess with our mind.


With experience, we get more confidence. When we don't have enough experiences, we get tricked into questioning ourselves and our abilities.


We as humans prefer to be in our comfort zones and do things which don't require us to step outside that zone. We all know that public speaking certainly doesn't come within that zone. So, we almost all the time, avoid doing it. As we keep preventing ourselves from doing it, though it might escape us from stress, fear and anxiety in that particular instance, in the long run, it keeps building our fear and lowers our self-esteem and confidence. We let our fears control us rather than us control them.


Actually, there are two ways of handling such fear. The first is how we usually handle and the second is the wise way .


Normally when we are asked to speak in front of a class or a group of people/audience, what do we do?

  • We don't look at the audience.

  • We just rush to end our speech by blabbering something.

  • We speak in a very low volume so that no one would be able to hear us.

  • If its a presentation, we put more slides so that we need not speak more.

  • If it is a group presentation, we ask our friends to do more talking and we just go and say two sentences just for namesake.

  • We keep moving our body to hide our body movements indicating we are scared or anxious.

  • We say we have a sore throat and speak in a voice that no one can understand or hear properly.

  • We clench our fists tightly.

These are some of the things we do to handle the fear, right?

We do these because we have been thinking this is the efficient way to hide our fears and handle the situations better. You would be surprised when we dig a little deeper about these things. Let us dig in!

  • RUSHING: When we rush to conclude our speech, we speak so fast. Speaking fast makes us breathe fast or sometimes makes us hold our breath and speak. Doing this gives us a sensation of uncomfortable breathing ( breathing problem). This in turn triggers more fear.

  • HURRYING: When you are scared and you just hurry to finish your speech, you don't give any time to realize how your speech is getting to the audience. Your audience would have a hard time understanding you. It creates a barrier between you and the audience. The less connection you feel with them, the more unfriendly and disinterested they might seem to you. This collapses your confidence.

  • TRYING TO HIDE THE FEAR: At first, you just had the fear of public speaking but now, you have the fear of getting found out as a scared and anxious person. This adds more anxiety and fear.

Also, even when you finish your speech successfully without giving anyone the clue of how scared you were when you were giving the speech, you wouldn't be able to feel the satisfaction. Because now, when people appreciate you for your speech, you on the inside would be saying to yourself that people say such nice things because they don't know how scared you were. Now, you feel you don't deserve the appreciations because it was all an act or cover-up done by you.

  • IGNORING THE AUDIENCE: When you just ignore to have eye contact with your audience, you won't be able to notice your audience's reaction. You would be left alone with your own assumptions and thoughts. Since if you are that scared, your assumptions and thoughts wouldn't be any less negative. Delivering speech with your mind filled with negative thoughts, how would that end? Very bad right?

Now, can you just see and tell ,out of all these above mentioned, which helps to overcome the fear and lets us speak efficiently?

None of the above, right?

So, what is the correct and realistically wise way of handling such fear? Let's see it now :)


  • REMIND YOURSELF THAT EVERYONE GETS SCARED AND ANXIOUS: Remind yourself that humans are designed in a way to feel anxious and scared when we are asked to do anything outside our comfort zone. So, it is not just you but everyone would feel anxious and scared.

  • PRACTICE AND PRACTICE: Keep practising till you master it.The more you practice, the more you will learn, the more you will get better, the less you fear.

  • COLLECT MATERIALS PROPERLY: Get all the necessary materials needed to give a good speech. Dive into them and get well versed in such a way that you can answer any questions related to that subject.

  • FEEDBACK: Don't just stop with practising, ask for reviews and feedbacks. Learn your flaws, your mistakes and better it :)

  • IMPROVE SPEAKING SKILLS: Build your speaking skills.

BE NATURAL: Be you, don't try to be perfect. It is okay to make mistakes and do things your own way. That makes you stronger and unique than others.

  • OVERTHINKING: Put in your efforts. Don't ever fall into the trap of overthinking. It just makes you more anxious and steals your confidence and messes things up.

SHIFT YOUR FOCUS: When asked to deliver a speech in front of people, don't focus on yourself or on the audience. Instead, focus on the content and do your best to deliver it properly and efficiently .deliever it properly and efficiently.

  • MINDMAP YOUR SPEECH POINTS NOT YOUR FEELINGS AND THOUGHTS: When delivering a speech, preview the mindmap in your mind and follow it. Concentrate and go with the mindmap of speech points instead of concentrating on your feelings on thoughts.

  • BE IN ADVANCE: Follow the above-mentioned tips. Get yourself ready in advance to your speech time. No last-minute preparations.

  • BE RELAXED: After all the practice and training, you just have to relax and relax and relax.!

That's all :)

CONCLUSION: Never let fear prevent you from taking risks and growing. Remember, fear is just a common illusion, take the necessary steps and break through the fear and shine your light!



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