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When you see someone and you like their appearance or their character or something about them makes you adore them, then the next thing which would come up in your mind automatically is the desire to have them around. Suddenly your mind would work like a pro. It would try to come up with all possible ways to keep that person close to you. Even when that person does make a mistake, you try not to make that an issue. When you like something they do, you even praise them and adore them. When you are with them, you won’t feel like going away. You would try to search for all the free times, which you can create even if you have a busy schedule, just so you can be with him/her for a little longer. Even when things aren’t going well in your life and that you don’t have enough love to give others, you somehow gather up all the leftover love to give that person. It’s all good, but in the process of doing all these, have you ever felt like you have forgotten someone so important? Do you really give the same love to yourself ?

We have spoken about this already in one of the earlier chapters of this book, I know. But it’s an important skill which needs to be learned and used by everyone,each second in one’s life. So, lets discuss more about it.

We all came to this earth all alone and we will go alone , and in between, the only person who could be there for us is none but us, right? So, it’s more important to love ourselves first. Have you taken the time to see your facial and body feature such as the wrinkles, scars, moles, the way your lips curves when you smile,your eyes blinks,? Have you observed the movement which occur in your body when you inhale and exhale ? You want your fingers, legs or hands to move in one way, so you think and BOOM, it does what you asked for! Isn’t it amazing? There can only be one of you in this entire universe with the same hair, body shape, lips, nose and eyes. You are the best beautiful version of yourself and no one else can be compared with you. Just like the moon which is adored for its light at night, you carry your own light in your own time. Maybe, not always people will adore you but that doesn’t mean that you are not shinning . You are always glowing. Sure, you make mistakes but that’s how you get hurt, heal and learn to take a better decision the next time and grow into a complete person. Be patient with your mistakes and learn to embrace your flaws. Don’t compare what you think is not so good about yourself with that of someone else’s . Everyone is unique in their own way and that’s what makes this world and people, unique and beautiful. If everyone was made perfect and same, then life would have been boring. Embrace your flaws. That’s what makes you special.

Take time for yourself by doing activities like the ones which I have told below, and if you have some other activities in mind, go ahead and try them too. Remember the ultimate intention behind this, is to spend time with yourself, know yourself, and celebrate yourself.

-Go on a date with yourself (go shopping, eat in a wonderful restaurant, then go to a park, experience peace of the fresh air)

-Stand in front of a mirror and adore yourself.

-Take “ME TIME” daily and do what would make you happy.

-Eat healthy fruits and vegetables. If you are a person who likes to explore and have fun cooking, try healthy and colorful dishes and smoothies.

-Do exercise ,as it would help you feel good about your body. Being Fit is the best gift you can give your body. But don’t get obsessed with zero size and six packs. The main motto is to keep you fit ,happy and healthy.

- Get lost in good books like self-help books, motivational books, psychological books, autobiographies of eminent people as these would help keep your mind clean and fresh.

- Spend some time with the nature. It is a magical friend that always heals you, gives you a pleasant feel.

- Keep your place clean and neat. Maybe you can even decorate it lightly. It will set a pleasant mood around you.

-Have enough sleep.

-Sing or dance, it can help you feel alive and active.

-Give yourself the first priority.

-Do what makes you happy and say no when it’s not what you need or want to do.

(Don’t be a people pleaser as you can never be good to everyone all the time)

-Push yourself a little harder to achieve your dreams and desires and reward yourself for completion of each task, no matter how small it is .

- Talk to yourself when you feel like you need someone to talk to, of course you can turn to your friend for some help but talking to yourself can give you more clarity and relief.Try it sometime.

-Never judge yourself or give up on yourself.

-Take a warm shower whenever you feel stressed. (not too often :P, you need to save water too! )

-Watch good movies, listen to pleasant music.

-Do more of what thrills or scares you (Adventure- Bungee jumping, Scuba Diving etc.)

-Drink more water.

-Try to find happiness in little things.

-Never stop learning new things.

-Take time to Self-reflect.

-Be madly, crazily in love with yourself.

-Try to find your hobbies, your dreams and your desires and go after them.

-Spend sometime with just yourself. This might sound scary as people nowadays prefer awful company over being lonely. But try it as it might even become addictive. (<3 Solitude).

Do all these regularly till they become habits. One day, you will realise that happiness is within you.

Step six view: See yourself as a beautiful kid who is exploring everything one by one, feeling excited about everything instead of feeling embarrassed for not knowing things. See yourself grow by making mistakes and learning from them. Get into loving yourself and you will find that no one else is so perfect in this imperfect world. You will start to love your vibes, everything about you, and you will do everything to spend time with yourself. By loving yourself, you will not only make yourself feel good, warm and beautiful ,but also others around you. And then when people see you, they will see you glowing and filled with love that they  will be inspired. Be you. Love you. Inspire others. Keep your light shining all the time. Remember ,this world needs a person like you and your presence matters!