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Hating yourself or others for a mistake?

Is it hard to get something off the mind? Having a hard time forgiving yourselves or others for some mistakes? Let's pause our thoughts and read this blog post :D !

In this world, anyone can make mistakes and get filled with guilt and hatred. This is common. Though our mind knows it, most of the time, we as humans listen to and follow our heart more than our mind. And our heart being dominant, here create various narratives to make it seem like only we go through such situations.

Here, there are two cases:

  1. The first case is where a certain mistake is done by someone else to us and whenever we see that person, a wide range of negative emotions and feelings just sets in and makes us feel all grumpy and moody.

  2. The second case is where a certain mistake is done by us to someone else.

Humans are machines. Even for a machine, we have to give some commands to make it give the result or thing we want. It cannot read minds. If the so-called perfect machines cannot do this, then how can a human who is well known to misunderstand, be dumb and make errors, be perfect and not disappointing?

Humans cannot read minds and act accordingly, and yes, when are close to someone, we can be understanding but it cannot be possible at all the time, right? We all mess up, make mistakes. So feeling guilty or hating our own selves or someone is not a wise choice. It would only sustain all the negative feelings.


1.If someone does something bad, first see whether it was intentional or not and then tell them how you feel. Give it a try, before losing a person because of some mistakes. (Yes, we have already discussed this earlier on someother blog post I know, I just wanted to emphasize it more that’s why!)

2.If you feel like you are that person and you have a hard time forgiving yourself for all the things you did to a certain person, remember feeling ashamed and hateful about yourself won’t make the situation any better. Hatred and guiltiness are narcissistic people. They will only try to make you feel bad and stop you from getting the problem solved. They just love to magnify and make things look so dramatic and big That time is not the time to think about your ego, self-respect, situation. If you made a mess it is your duty to clear it up, it’s simple as that. Just remember that it is your responsibility to make things better and solve the problem.