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Updated: Sep 18, 2020


If you are wondering why yet another similar kind of chapter, let me tell you something: Self-love and ME TIME somehow has the same concept .Now,here I want to make one thing clear . In the previous chapter ,we spoke about the importance of loving oneself and the ways through which one can feel loved on their own.That was like planning process (step one). But here, we will see the elaborated basic procedure of achieving self love on a regular basis through the concept of ME TIME( second/final step). It is the way through which we can implement what we planned if I were to say it in terms of Civil Engineering since I completed b. tech in Civil Engineering, let me at least use it here to show-off, ha-ha just kidding.Okay,back to our topic.

We will be enlightened about the following questions in this chapter:

l What is meant by having ME TIME?

l What are its benefits ?

l Is it a selfish thing to do ?

l What all activities can we include in this ME TIME list ?

l How much time do we have to allot for ME TIME?

We just learnt about the importance and benefits of loving oneself and now without further delay, lets dive into ME TIME concept. Yes ! Having ME TIME is a way of loving oneself. When you love someone, you spend time with them right? This is exactly the case with ME TIME. Every person in this world desires and longs for some pleasures, for some good feel ,every day which can be achieved by having some ME TIME in one’s routine life. And there is nothing selfish about it. Just think, if you know that someone would become more relieved or happy when something they long for gets done, you help them attain it .People respect and appreciate it too. When that person is no one else but you, if you fear whether that act would mean that you are a selfish person? Come on, please it isn’t. It’s just a way to help you feel mindful and peaceful. It relieves you from stresses and helps you escape from this drama world and dive into your own happy place. It helps you to know yourself better and also help you prioritize important meaningful one’s over senseless time killing activities. Half of the times, we would never stop clinging onto something or some people, even after knowing that those people and things won’t be a good influence in our life just because of the fear of being alone. When we have ME TIME in our routine and we get used to it, it would eliminate those kinds of fear and prevent us from doing unpleasant things or unwanted things and even save us regrets.

 Studies have shown that people who have the habit of practising ME TIME in their daily life are a lot more calm, happy,and content. They are less susceptible to depression, loneliness and disappointments .It also help them explore their unique skills, boost up their confidence and self esteem.

 So, the next question that would pop up in your noggin(head) now is, how often do we have to do this, to attain all the above-mentioned benefits? It doesn’t require much time, actually. Just plan what you can put under ME TIME list and do them regularly, which can be like being mindful of what you are doing. For example, being mindful when you do breathing exercise , combing your hair, drinking coffee, reading your favourite book, treating yourself to tasty yummy food, or doing heavy body exercise, sitting idle in open space , going out for a walk or taking a warm long shower. In short words, do what makes you happy which is also healthy or good for you , regularly. That’s all.

Step seven view: The best relationship you can have in this world is the relationship with yourself. So ,allot some time for ME TIME and enjoy it and receive all the benefits from it. Fill your cup with self-love by having ME TIME daily and then don’t forget to help in filling others cup as well. Have a balance and don’t be too keen and only prefer ME TIME and nothing else. Because too much of anything is good for nothing. I mean,in the process of loving yourself,  don’t push yourself away from the world and live in an isolated castle far from everyone.


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