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How we started?

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

As we all were figuring out our hidden talents during the pandemic, I thought, why not try something! I started cooking and almost every dish I made turned out pretty well. I played badminton with my brother every other evening. I even played PUBG with my friends. I started doing "Netflix and Chill" most of the time. I would sleep for almost 12 hours a day. I started reading novels. So now you know to what extent I was bored. But again, after doing all sort of things, I needed something else more exciting than all of these in my life. One day my friend contacted me and asked,

"Hey there, what have you been doing during this lockdown?"

I said, "Hey, I finally figured out what develops an interest in me after trying all sort of things for five months!"

He asked me (with a feeling of awe), "So, what is it?"

And with full excitement, I spilled out, "Writing!"

Later, he took our conversation to the next level. He said,

"I have been thinking of creating a blog site and I am looking for a regular writer."

For a moment, I was astounded. So, he wanted to create a blogging site! Also, he wanted me to be a regular writer on his website.

I was bewildered and yet told him, "Yeah!!! Sounds great. Let's go for it".

So here we are introducing you to our new blogging website, ',' where you can write blogs on any topic you like! The topics include food, entertainment, politics, science, technology, health and fitness, and you name it.

Our website will require you to create your account through which you would be able to post your blogs. The site does provide a chat box where writers can contact each other. Not only that, but it also provides a feature where readers can contact writers.

Our goal is to share knowledge or information and entertain people through different kinds of blogs. Please show us some love, do like and share our blogs to the maximum people and if somewhere you think you can write a blog, then our website is the best place to start with. #blog #firstblog  


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