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Who are these special persons in life? Parents? Friends? Siblings?

Of-course they are essential, loving, caring. But are they the most special person in your life? A special person is someone who is a combination of a parent, a friend. They care, they love, they guide, they support. A special

person is the partner of your life. Day in and day out we meet many new people, but our heart decides to hold on to one person, wishes to be with that person for the rest of our lives. That one person, may not be perfect, may not be good looking. Still out heart chases after them. Love, a one-syllable one of the most beautiful word. It is the highest form of unselfish act anyone can possess. How do we fall in love? That first sight of that person, the smile, character, whatever it may be the heart tends to find one reason to not let that person leave. It is the most beautiful feeling of all. Many say ask the worth of the parent to a parent less child, ask the worth of a child to a mother who is childless, similarly ask the worth of a special person to an ill-fated heart. The one who has no experience of it, the one who longs for the right companion. The small moments of happiness and life-long support and constant love, who may never get any chance to experience it, the unadulterated form of love.

I have seen many stories of love, from the lives of my friends, from movies. It will be happy for most times in the beginning, then starts the disagreement, insecurity, inferiority. The mind can't handle this kind of hardship. So they decide to end things which they think will make things better, but it comes back haunting them in the future. It is not easy to move on from that person who was supposed to be their special one. It takes time to heal but still not as a whole, it takes a piece away from their heart. They can't be whole again.

I am an ill-fated heart, whose biggest fear is never finding true love. I know the feeling of having no one, the loneliness, that empty feeling even when everything is fulfilled. There is a big hollow space, which I fear will never be filled. The feelings that I couldn’t share with anyone remains piled up. The joyous nature diminishes. It is a feeling like heading towards a blank hollow tunnel, where there is no one but me.

I want everyone to please hold on to their loved ones. There may be many hardship, many small heartbreaks, but overcome them. Your heart chose that person for a reason. Sit alone think that if this person is that the heart wants. If yes, never leave that person for minor setbacks, the life will be colorful with that special one, without them it’s just black and white. Hold on to your special ones, because many never have a chance to experience that feeling. You have it experience it to the fullest. Love them, support them, respect them, and be with them till the ends of time. Make your heart smile it will reward your life with peace.

Love! Love! Love!


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