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LIVE: RCB vs MI (IPL 2020)

Updated: Sep 29, 2020


RCB 201/3 (20) MI 201/5 (20) MATCH TIED Match tied - Super Over(RCB WON)

99 Ishan Kishan vs RCB Dubai 2020

Last Wkt: : Ishan Kishan c Devdutt Padikkal b Udana 99(58) - 197/5 in 19.5 ov Hardik Pandya c (sub)Negi b Zampa 15(13) - 78/4 in 11.2 ov.

Quinton de Kock c (sub)Negi b Chahal 14(15) - 39/3 in 6.4 ov. Suryakumar Yadav c de Villiers b Udana 0(2) - 16/2 in 2.2 ov.

Rohit Sharma c (sub)Negi b Washington Sundar 8(8) - 14/1 in 1.4 ov.

Toss:Mumbai Indians (Bowling)


Ball 6: Bumrah to Kohli, RCB win! Low full toss, Kohli flicks through square leg and they gave UP!

Big discussion in the MI camp. Field up, six on the off side Ball 5: Bumrah to de Villiers, 1 run

Ball 4: Bumrah to de Villiers, FOUR. Sin from Bumrah to bowl a bouncer with fine leg in, this would have been caught in the deep had there been one. AB top edges the pull and gets four. 6/0, need 2

AB changes the bat Ball 3: Bumrah to de Villiers, OUT, but reviewed. Short delivery at pace

Ball 2: Bumrah to Kohli, 1 run, really good pull shot to this short of length delivery, but Boult stopped that off balance, brilliant save at the deep square leg boundary. 2/0, need 6

Ball 1: Bumrah to de Villiers, 1 run, low full toss, tapped to long-on. AB couldn't get under it. 1/0, need 7

Ball 6: Saini to Pandya, 1 bye, this a brilliant Super Over from Saini. Not easy to keep the likes of Pollard and Pandya calm. He's bowled a wide full delivery, Pandya swings and misses, Rohit sneaks through Ball 5: Saini to Pollard, OUT

Ball 4: Saini to Pollard, FOUR, bunted down the ground. Low full toss as he misses the yorker, Pollard stretches forward and lofts it over the bowler's head. Saini points to the fielder, he wanted that to be stopped. 6/0 Ball 3: Saini to Pollard, no run, this is gold from Saini.

Rohit is the other batsman for MI waiting

Ball 2: Saini to Pandya, 1 run, big grunt from Pandya as he mistimes this low full toss, on the bounce to long-on. 2/0

Ball 1: Saini to Pollard, 1 run, brilliant yorker outside off stump, Pollard squeezes through point, just a run - 1/0

Pollard and Pandya out there, Saini with the ball

This is unbelievable. What a turnaround from Mumbai. They were down and out at one stage,


Udana to Pollard, FOUR, to deep mid-wicket

19.5 Udana to Ishan Kishan, out Caught by Devdutt Padikkal!! Ishan Kishan c Devdutt Padikkal b Udana 99(58) [4s-2 6s-9]

Udana to Ishan Kishan, THATS OUT!! Caught!!

19.4 Udana to Ishan Kishan, SIX, Ishan Kishan, you beauty.. connects and connects this one properly. Moves across his stumps and pummels it over long-on. Too predictable from Udana and Virat throws his head in anger.



Udana to Ishan Kishan, SIX, to long-on 19.2

Udana to Pollard, 1 run, Udana goes round the wicket and follows the batsman, Pollard pulls albeit no timing to deep square leg.

19.1 Udana to Ishan Kishan, 1 run, very full delivery just outside off, Kishan drags it straight to square leg and hustles through to the other end.

Isuru Udana [3.0-0-27-1] is back into the attack

Run-out check. Has Kishan's dive saved him? Yes, looks like it has. Bat's over the line when the stumps are disturbed. NOT OUT

Kishan is losing gas. Anyway, we are into the final over. Here's the scenario: Mumbai need 19 from 6 balls. Udana will bowl. We're set for a thrilling finish here.


Navdeep Saini to Ishan Kishan, 1 run, to backward square leg


Navdeep Saini to Ishan Kishan, SIX, my word! How did this fly over the ropes? A proper mis-hit from Kishan,

18.4 Navdeep Saini to Pollard, 1 run, delivers a low full toss outside off, Pollard slams it to long-off,

18.3 Navdeep Saini to Ishan Kishan, 1 run, excellent from Saini. Yorker length at full-throttle, Kishan yanks his bottom-hand off the handle as he stabs it to long-on 18.2 Navdeep Saini to Pollard, 1 run, zippy shortish delivery outside off, Pollard wields his bat and gets an outside edge to third man.

Tensed faces everywhere. Virat having a discussion with his bowler.


Navdeep Saini to Ishan Kishan, wide, inauspicious start for Saini.

Navdeep Saini [3.0-0-31-0] is back into the attack