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Throughout our lifetime, according to, “the average active person takes around 7,500 steps per day. If you maintain that daily average and live until 80 years of age, you would have walked about 216,262,500 steps in your lifetime”. In our lives, for each step we take, we get dragged into different places, situations and experiences which would provide us with a diverse thinking process.

Sometimes, in front of us lie many options of paths, from which we can choose the one we would like to walk in, and sometimes we might be left with no choice but to take that one path which is visible to us. It’s just about how we view the journey and walk in the path. It doesn’t matter whether the path is given to us or chosen by us.

Sometimes we might love the journey that we would never want to miss and just stay in that place forever, and sometimes even taking a step ahead would seem difficult. It’s all about the perception and optimistic nature, with some hope and love to help us reach our destination and attain our purpose of life. Every path will have high and low areas, rough and smooth surfaces. Sometimes it might rain and at times it could be windy or sunny. Despite everything, it’s just about going forward, taking that next step without getting stuck or stopping the journey before reaching our destination.

In this book, we will see how each step in the "journey of life" brings in different situations and how it constantly pushes us to fix our perspectives, to not just go through the situations but also to grow through them. We would be seeing about all those micro-sized inevitable issues like guilt, anger, misunderstanding, self-pity etc and how they hold the power to change things upside down and how subconsciously messes with our head and life and eventually brainwashes us into perceiving ourselves as weak. Fortunately, to defeat those micro-sized inevitable issues from defeating us, we need not be saints or geniuses. It just requires us to be honest with ourselves, and be willing to identify and analyse what makes us feel a certain way about someone or some situation and as the final step, requires us to fix our mindset repeatedly until we feel we have control over ourselves and our lives.

In other words, we would be going through the journey of life step by step by talking about real-life issues and life truths which lie along the way. Hope you guys are ready for the deep introspection, hard-core learning and self-discovery? If yes, let’s get started! If not, come on, doing something is better than sitting idle, right? So, let’s get going!