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Parallel world?

Imagine looking around you and seeing happiness and laughter and rainbow colours in the world.Imagine a world where you can search up and down the street and not find a single judgement. Imagine a world where you can feel the warmth in that stranger's smile but not the fear that some creep is smiling at you, a world where you look at that guy across the street and give him your beautiful smile without any doubts.Imagine being that person who's the synonym of sunshine, imagine bringing someone out of a dark place and filling their cracks with golden sand. Imagine being in a world where being kind is the new sexy, where being kind is as cool as posting that aesthetic picture on your instagram feed. Imagine a world where girls don't have to fasten their pace post 6pm and where boys are not judged for being vulnerable. Imagine a world with no damn discrimination, a world where you're not a caste, colour, religion or race, but you're just a human being who's put on earth by the almighty. Imagine a world where there is always hope, a world that doesn't give up on you even if you do. Imagine a world where all of us are alive and in love with being alive.Imagine the peace we'll experience. Imagine the way the world will thrive. Just close your eyes and imagine. For the day this becomes reality is the day the world will come alive again. - Shruthi.


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