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Patchwork of Paradoxes

I'm made of broken dreams and sprouting hopes

I'm made of dull monochrome and saturated hues

I'm made of morning dews and rainstorms

I'm made of blazing sun and sapphire night sky.

I see parts of me in the whirlwinds and on the ocean floors

My burning rage melts into water still silence.

The usual sound of asphalt paving seem oddly unfamiliar,

The waves crashing against the shores seem more regular

I see cauldron of my emotions emanating and annihilating in a melting pot.

I sense connotations of new sandstorms in my unperturbed calm.

My indolence and fervour are both entwined

I am uptight and laid back all at once

I have warzone and safe haven within me

I smell of both forest fire and petrichor.

I am born in clemency of dreams shielding the avalanche of heartbreaks

I'll burn brightly to whither away like the woods in the fireplace.

I breathe in oxymorons and dichotomies.

My broken pieces lying haphazard but still shining

My ripped heart bleeding but still beating

I will rise again from the ashes and dust like the phoenix.

Artwork: Sreeja Niyogi

Write-up: Simantini Maiti Follow our work on instagram


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