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Persecution over prosecution

Devious leaders, We all vouched for, They are swooping and preying now Upon the destitute, the foresaken. The burden of existence Too heavy on their shoulders Even Sysiphus wouldn't dare. They have mutilated innocent bodies In order to satisfy their lechery. But ripped off tongues speak the loudest And broken ribs stronger than the spineless. Tainted bureaucracy Crumbling like sandcastles Men complacent about the monsters, Monsters complicit in violence and crime Men succumbing to empty promises Fundamentalists feeding off men's beliefs. The voice in my head is trailing off Reiterating excerpts from some English daily, I have read over and over. News channels adhering to political correctness Cerebral debates are devoid of closures. Bills passed to corporatise agriculture, In a country, Still plagued with bigotry, And caste-ridden dogmatism. The song of disgrace stuck in a jarring note Screeching with static noises of apathy. Hate-fueled atrocity against women Soon to turn into just another crime. Of endless protests and abysmal lies The embers of her pyre burn in our eyes. -Simantini Maiti


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