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RFID chip: Good or Evil?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip is an ‘implantable chip’ which operates using radio frequency signals. The RFID chip can be ingested between thumb and the index finger of your right hand or in the forehead. The thousands of swedes already have implanted RFID chips and it seems very normal for them. The desire for RFID chip is evolving because this rice grain-sized chip seems very tiny but performs unimaginable acts.

Fig. 1

Source: The Medical Futurist

The chip can store your entire life data in it I would say which includes all your credit card, bank account details, job details, your address, fingerprint data, physical appearance, all your certificates, criminal record if you have any, etc. In a nutshell, your whole identity can get stored in this tiny chip. You can easily unlock the door, make payments, purchase anything, operate a machine and many more things. Who ever thought that life could be made much easier by ingesting a tiny chip into our bodies?

However, the chip, which seems the most desirable and beneficial, has tad more dangerous sides. The chip could be harmful to the human body. The chip can track your current location. The government can easily access your details and keep an eye on your every single movement. Doesn’t it feel like an invasion of privacy?

These aren’t the only reasons for avoiding the chip, but it does also have one huge reason. Now, the reason which I’m going to talk about might seem absurd to you but trust me it isn’t. The followers and believers of Christianity consider the chip as a “Mark of the beast”. The last chapter of the bible REVELATION predicts the end of the world and explains in detail how? When I read the book of revelation, I couldn’t believe the prediction at all. The entire notion seemed like a delusion. But then I came across the news of RFID chip and it started making a little sense about the prediction and everything. Now, all the believers we know that the bible talks in the language of metaphors. The bible says: The beast will have a blasphemy name and let him who has wisdom calculate the number of the beast which is the number of the man:666. The Antichrist will force everyone, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark of the beast in the right hand or in the forehead. No one will be able to buy or sell without having the mark of the beast. There will be a war against the saints (Revelation 13). Whoever, takes the mark of the beast would commit himself to the Devil. Moreover, it says blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on (Revelation 14). A person’s entire life will be dependent on the mark of the beast. There will be no other way to live without having the mark of the beast. Let me explain in detail how does it all makes sense.

We all have heard of the purchase bar-code invented by George Joseph Laurer in 1973. This bar-code is attached to every product nowadays in the market. This means you must require to scan the bar-code if you want to purchase anything. George Laurer had created a separate binary numbers pattern for his bar-code. These binary numbers are not same as the one we learn; however, the computer does accept it anyways. If you look at this bar-code carefully, you will see far left, middle, far-right has same bands and these bands represent the number 6 according to the pattern created by George (Fig. 2). The irony is that George was asked about this in one of his interviews and he said “Yes, they do RESEMBLE the code for a six. An even parity 6 is.” If he had wanted, he could have chosen any other number but he didn’t. He was well aware of what he is doing.

Fig. 2

Source: Dairy reporter

Fig. 3

Source: Hidden Bible

The above picture shows the left side codes and the right-side codes (Fig. 3). There is a middle code which separates both the sides (101). It is clearly seen from the picture that the left guard, middle guard and the right guard pattern are the patterns of the number ‘6’ of even parity. Therefore, by comparing this entire situation to the verse of the bible, the bar-code here is the beast with the number 666 and RFID chip is the mark of the beast which requires to be ingested in the body. Well, there is one more point that is reasonable that is the chapter of revelation was written in 96 CE by JOHN, which is around 2000 years ago. There is no way that John could have thought of words like “buy”, “sell” or “in the right hand”, “in the forehead” by himself because it wouldn’t have had made any sense at all during that time. The tradition of buy and sell originated in the 18th century and our era is the only era where the ingestion of anything in the human body is possible. It seems that God himself spoke to us by John and warned us about the end of the world. Please refuse to ingest any kind of chip inside your body. The reason is not only the prophecy but it is violation of privacy as well. Maybe the beast or the mark of the beast are not these but something else. Who knows? But one thing is for sure, we can not have anything ingested in the right hand or in the forehead.

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