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Stop trying to fix your body. It was never broken. (SAY NO TO BODY SHAMING)

Have you ever felt ashamed about your body size? Ever been too hard on yourself for the way you look and tried to do workout to the point of passing out and ever let yourself starve to death? Ever been hurt by someone's comments on your body? Ever felt that you don't deserve the best and good things because you look and dress a certain way?

Well, it's all body-shamers influence and effect on you.


Body shaming means humiliating someone based on his/her body size and shape. It is a form of bullying which has the potential to leave people with emotional traumas. It is done by our parents, friends, relatives and outsiders, mainly by the media.

Body shaming is not only being done for women but for men of all body size and shape. It is casually done by calling someone too skinny or too fat.


There are three types of body shaming

  1. Body shaming one's own self by comparing or judging with someone else: For example, comparing our body with actor's/actress's bodies.

  2. Humiliating someone by talking about his/her body shape and size in front of that person.

  3. Humiliating someone for his/her appearance in the absence of that person.


Well, body shaming does more harm than we could ever realise. It leads to

  • low self-esteem

  • triggers anger

  • makes people harm/hurt themselves by cutting, purging, binging

  • kills their confidence

  • converts them into socially awkward people

  • induces other mental disorders

  • causes body dysmorphic disorder-The affected ones won't be able to stop thinking about their flaws or defects. It makes them feel anxious, embarrassed and ashamed.

  • blinds them from seeing their worth

  • makes loving themselves too hard or impossible


Our generation is always in the constant chase of reflecting and imitating whatever is being shown on media. We absorb everything on media. All the posts about asking people to look a certain way, dress a certain way influences people. Because of this pressure, young girls put themselves into unhealthy practices just so they can avoid getting body-shamed by others. You would also have seen the media makes its comments on how women should and shouldn't look.

The media brainwashes people that whoever is slimmer is beautiful. It has made us see being big size as a sin or complete disgrace. It keeps displaying how celebrities lose weight after being pregnant and how mothers should become slimmer after three weeks of giving birth. It sets a standard and pushes us to follow it and if we don't, then it starts to body shame and hurt people. In order to avoid all those, people voluntarily follow that like sheep with no other choices.


Josh Zimmerman, MD, is a general adult psychiatrist. He says he has seen how body-shaming affect people, especially women.

He says that there is a meme about the thigh gap. The thigh gap meme is a way of humiliating women whose thighs don't have a gap in-between. He says, he has seen women fretting over the fact that their thighs are touching.

He also told that his patients think that they will only be treated nicely if they look and dress a certain way. The women seem to have a mindset that only if they are beautiful, thin and have big chests, they will be considered.

It's so sad to see the world making people think and act this way, right?


The saddest thing is body shamming is being done in our day to day lives by the people around us indirectly. How to find if you are being body shammed indirectly? See the list below and find it out by yourselves.

  • Being called brave for wearing a sports bra, a crop top or dressing up a certain way.

  • Getting called as skinny or fat

  • Saying that you have got a nice face for that body of yours.

  • Exclaiming that you are lucky to eat more, just because you are lean in size.

  • Asking someone to hold onto something when they turn on the fan or when a heavy breeze blows.

Also, some big brands are intentionally not selling dresses for large-sized people to make it a fashion trend so that people would prefer to keep themselves slim just so they can wear those dresses.


(i) We have to always stand up for ourselves and not let the negative comments mess with our minds. Sometimes, people body shame others as an expression of being angry with them.

(ii) If you find yourself body shaming others, first find why you want to body shame that certain person.

  • (iii) Then, stop yourself from body shaming. If you are upset with a certain person, tell them how he/she has hurt you and instead of choosing body-shaming as a tool to hurt that person.

(iv) When you find yourself body-shamed by others, let them know how you feel and ask them not to repeat it.

(v) Spend time with people who are all loving and positive about their bodies. As they can help you see yourself more positively.

(vi) Spend time with yourself and find something about you which makes you more beautiful and unique and keep celebrating yourself.


People with different body shapes and sizes all matter and all are beautiful in their own ways.No one has the power to define who is beautiful and who is ugly. Also, being slimmer doesn't always mean being healthy. We just have to have a good balance between our food and exercise to keep us healthy. Let us never allow anyone to mess with our minds and also let us never handover the power to anyone to judge our bodies. That's all :)