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Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Love, when we hear the word our mind involuntarily goes in search of romantic fantasies.

Red roses, Dinner dates, Valentine's day, friendship day,

so many days to celebrate the love we have for others.

But when do we celebrate the love we have for ourselves?

When do we celebrate the love that stayed?

Why is it so easy to give your love to others but so hard to love yourself?

I look in the mirror and point out a hundred flaws in less than five minutes,

How my skin isn't fair like the girl you call beautiful,

How my hair has bouncy curls unlike the princesses in your movies,

How my body isn't good enough like those size zero girls.

Fell into the pit of "skincare routine" and starving in the name of "diet",

Little did I know that the world was convincing me that I wasn't good enough.

My own insecurities pulled me into the black hole of self-loathing,

Took me a decade to realize the real meaning behind "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder."

Beauty is in that 8 year old boy who walked the blind across the road,

In that man across the streets who finds some time to feed the dogs and the birds,

In that girl who goes around appreciating artists,

Beauty is in that part of you that cries along with your best friend when she's down,

Beauty is in that kid who whispers a prayer everytime he sees an ambulance,

Beauty is nothing but the very best of us.

Beauty is not about being flawless,

It is about being perfectly flawed.

There's beauty in that crooked teeth of yours,

with which you give the world your precious smile.

There's beauty in those freckles that you hate so much.

There's beauty in your chocolate brown skin.

There's beauty in your bouncy, bushy hair.

There's beauty in the curves that make you, you.

There's beauty in you.

You. Are. Beautiful.

-Shruthi. #poem #love #selflove


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