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The next time you feel lonely, read this!

We know that anyone can feel lonely at any time but when we feel lonely, we behave as if we are the only ones going through such things.

So, why is it like that? What exactly is loneliness, how often does it come, is there any negative effects, does it affect our health and wellbeing and what can we do when we feel lonely, all these questions we will discuss now.

Loneliness is not always loud. People rarely express to the outside world how they feel. In general, everyone, whether we know or not, would be feeling lonely at times. People react differently to loneliness.

  • Some people seek external sources to clear away that feeling.

  • Some people would socialise how much ever possible to avoid feeling lonely,

  • While some would immerse themselves into work to prevent feeling lonely

  • While some others drown themselves in the ocean of loneliness.

1.In the first type, people try to resist that uncomfortable feeling by seeking out external sources like drugs, short term pleasures and other unhealthy activities. Though it might give temporary relief, it slaps back on the face with more ugly feeling and dissatisfaction. It's wise to say no to this kind of external sources.

2 . Some people would socialize in all possible ways. It might be the best solution to make them feel active, alive and social but for some people, it might end up draining them as too much of socializing could absorb energy and lead to exhaustion. Depending on how they feel and how much socialization they think would be best for them, they should consider and act accordingly.

3.Some would keep "to-do "list and engage themselves in doing those things and try to achieve satisfaction and happiness from it. By doing this, they might even elevate themselves to higher levels by taking those baby steps every day. In this case, they do things which they would have not done otherwise. Here, loneliness acts as a good driving force. This might sound better, but it should not make them workaholics and they should not forget about the other side of the world like personal, social lives. Trying to keep everything in a balance is a must in everything we do.