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  • Soham


The summer breeze brushed against our young faces

We were so carefree,

We would trip on our own shoelaces

Winding up every time at a famous cafe

Our orders? The usual,

Lemon iced tea and tall latte

Riding recklessly on the two wheels we cheaply rented

The brakes weren't reliable,

Like our lives the chassis was all dented

The tires would come to a sudden unanimous halt

At streets that were aesthetic,

Besieged by yellow walls and a whiff of malt

Holding chilled beers in our hands feeling first rate

We would soothe on the sandy shores,

Trying to foresee our uncertain fate

And when the Sun would drown entirely in the ocean

We would sigh and tell each other,

We'll come again to escape from all the commotion


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