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We have been taught what is right, what is wrong, and also how to choose right over wrong. But no one seems to have taught us how to choose when we are in the middle of our heart’s desire and mind’s logic.

What do we do when we can’t figure out the consequence of the decision that we want to take and we can't seem to predict how our future would turn into because of that one decision?

This is the real complexity, right? Well, let’s dig a little deeper into this topic to understand:

what to do and how to get us going instead of getting stuck because of not choosing and eventually getting everything ruined.




The heart provokes us to take risks. If the heart likes something, it will persuade us to go for it and won't stop till it gets what it wants. It’s a stubborn one!

One might even get many precious memories by listening to the heart’s voice.

The negative side of listening to the heart is that the heart is too innocent and stupid that it can get played and betrayed by anyone anytime.


The mind is the exact opposite of the heart. It is too sharp and clever.

It can think ahead and beyond and prevent us from making foolish decisions and thus saves us from unwanted, unnecessary negative consequences.

The negative side of listening to the mind is that the mind is a panic-stricken, boring one.

It easily gives up whenever it sees the illusioned-big guys i.e. fear and doubt. Just the thought of those two big guys stops it from going ahead.

Eventually, by listening to the mind, one lives a small life away from his/her best life.

Hope we have gotten enough information about our main leads. Now let’s see why making a decision is so hard.

1.Though the heart’s desires and the mind’s logic are two different things when we are in the middle of choosing one from the two options, those two might suddenly seem identical in some ways.

(like the Chinese faces :P Though everyone is different, suddenly when we look, they all might seem like people with the same faces)

Human nature is so weird that it craves two completely different things at the same time.


Some would even say: Those two are like ill-fated lovers, and that those two mostly cannot be together at the same time.

Need adventure? say bye-bye to safety and vice versa.

The lesser the safety, the more adventurous it can be! Between those two choices, we are forced to choose one.

If we listen to the heart’s desire ( adventure ), we are not choosing the mind’s option ( Safety). We want to have both safety and adventure and thus we get stuck.

2. For most of us, we are not sure of what we truly want and so when we are asked to choose from the two options, we get confused and go blank.

If we don’t know what we want, we won’t know what to choose.

Now, we know where and how we are getting confused and stuck. So, without any delay let's go to the solution side :)

1. You can consult your less used voice:

If you are a person who always listens to your heart, for a change, try to listen to your mind's voice.

If you are a person who listens to your mind, maybe this time you can give your heart a chance.

Also, be aware of the times, you failed by listening to your heart’s and mind’s voice.

Keep the history of those, as it can help you make a better choice.

2. Instead of choosing one, maybe you can take the best from both the voices:

You can do it by writing down the pros and cons of listening to your heart’s voice on one side of a page and the pros and cons of listening to your mind’s voice on the other side of the page and from those two.

Then, you can choose the one that seems like the better choice and go for it.

3. Get to know what you want:

Ask yourselves where and how you want to see yourselff in the future ( the long-term goal)