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Continuation :

13. When we are listening to a song, we perceive ourselves as the heroes or heroines of the song and react to the song’s lyrics. (WE CAN BE SO DRAMATIC AT TIMES)

14. When we are asked to wait in a room and there is nothing but just some curtains, to rescue us from getting killed by boredom, we start to play with it by rolling, pulling, folding, making some patterns.

15. Sometimes we cry, all of a sudden, to let out the emotions which we have been holding on to for a long time. ( it helps !)

16. Sometimes, we lie down on our bed and wondered why we are even alive and what our purpose is and when the world will end. (WHY SO?)

17. We have tried controlling ourselves to not become angry in irritating situations but ended up getting burst out for silly things.

18. We crave some particular food at times and when we get to eat them, we put more of that on our plate, thinking that we would eat more but we end up wasting it.

19. We go to a room and forget for what purpose we went there in the first place. After some time, we remember why we wanted to go to that room and then go there and do what we wanted to do earlier.

20. We take out our phone and pretend to do something with our phone when we are inside the lift or when we are outside, waiting for someone, to avoid feeling awkward and also to avoid interactions with others.

21. We triple check that we have locked our vehicle (car, bike)

22. When we are in the shower, 90 per cent of the time we use it for having imaginary conversations with ourselves and singing. Only 10 per cent we use it for taking bath.

23. When someone slows down to let us cross the road, we hurry to cross, thinking that walking at a normal rate would seem like disrespecting that person.

24. When we have our phone near us, we don’t feel anything. But the moment we put in inside our pocket, we feel like it’s vibrating every now and then. And when we check, nothing would have come.

We are more similar than we think we are, right?

To be continued...