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Though we all feel we are different from others, we are too similar in many ways. Here are some of those things I bet we all have done and most of us still do it now.Lets see them now.

1.We have the super power of plugging in pendrive,usb cable to our system and chargerpin to our phone in a perfectly opposite way.Everytime it happens right? :P

2.The moment we turn off the light in a room, we start to run to a place with light,as if some ghosts would catch us if we stay there a little longer.

3.When we feel cold, we put blanket on us fully and when we feel hot, we take out the blanket.To have the correct temperature we cover us with blanket with one of our legs out from the blanket.

4.When we get scared of ghosts haunting us at night, we cover ourselves completely with blanket, as if our blanket is ghost proof.

5.Whenever we see bubble wrapper, we can’t stop ourselves from bursting the bubbles on it.

6.Whenever it rains, dew drops land on the windows.We play with the dew drops by touching and popping it.

7.When we get too bored while listening to lectures ,we start doodling or scribbling :P.

8.When we want to wear a dress but it is not washed, we smell it and if it doesnt stink, we wear it .

9.We, sometimes make horrible facial expressions in front of the mirror to see how ugly and scary we look when we make such poses.

10. When we are too lazy to take bath but we also dont want people to find out , we use perfume .

11.We put our socks , hair-bans somewhere and never look for it till the last moment thinking that we can easily find it later.But those things magically disappear and at the end , we get late and we get scoldings for coming late. (WHY DISAPPEAR LIKE THIS AND MAKE US SUFFER ?WHY?)

12.We get so creative in an evil way sometimes, don’t know why! When we are in the middle of a ride like bungee jumping, or some other kind of amusement park rides and we ,all off a sudden cant stop thinking about how bad it can end.

I know you would have also done almost everything mentioned in this blog article.It’s surprising to see how all of us have the same weirdness and craziness inside us despite being so different ! I hope this blog entertained you and made you smile :)

To be continued......