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When you don't have the strength to face anything anymore. When you are done with life!

You sure would have gone through various issues and problems. You, by now, would have learnt what life is.

Despite knowing about what life is, and how it works, sometimes, when you look at your life, all that you can see is just a question mark.

Despite how hard you try to keep you happy and peaceful, something always comes in the way to ruin it. Ever been there in a state where, no matter from which angle you view your life, it seems like it's a complete mess? Ever felt that you don't have the strength to face anything anymore. All you want to do is to lock yourselves up in a room and not come out and sleep your time away. (when sleep seems like an escape) You have controlled yourselves enough, as much as possible, to get a hold of yourselves and lived till now, but suddenly you see yourselves too weak to even stand up.

I know, saying that "the hard times won't stay always and that brighter days will come " isn't going to comfort or make you feel better. You must have been sick of seeing Instagram posts with such lines in your newsfeeds or by hearing such consoling words from your well-wishers. You can't just remove this struggling phase nor wait for this phase to end.

So how exactly can one deal with this?

There are two choices:

1. One is to see everything from a dissatisfied perspective, and to keep cursing at your life and do nothing and let life pass you by. This choice is equal to destroying one's own life.

2. The other choice is to choose a cheer girl perspective with a slight difference.

Normally in a game, for example in a cricket match, the cheer girl cheers only when their team play well and if their team lose the match, all they can do is accept the defeat and move on. That is what they do.

But you cannot be like them. You have only one life so you have to keep cheering up, doesn't matter whether you feel like you are winning or losing.

When you feel you don't like your life, just don't accept it and sit. Find what gives you happiness, satisfaction. Find what changes your mood into a positive mood and do it regularly. If you are a person who forgets everything with earphones plugged in, then listen to music and you will feel yourselves in a better mood, where life won't seem as bad as it felt earlier.

TIPS :) (Might help you a little)