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You're the only one getting hurt all the time!

Are you the person who does everything for everyone and instead of getting appreciated, you get hurt by people? Or do you just see from only your point of view and misunderstand things? Do you feel like everyone around you find it easier to hurt or offend you? Before diving into any conclusion, let’s talk it out.

First, you have to have an open mind and analyse not just from your point of view but try to be in everyone’s shoe and see why they did or said what they did or said. Do this analysis not just once but a repeated number of times. While doing that, if you realise that those who hurt you had no intentions of hurting you, then just tell them how their actions made you feel and try to forgive them for they didn’t know what they did.

Don’t just keep things to yourself thinking, if you come out and say how people make you feel, it would create arguments or conflicts.

If anything is bothering you or making you feel bad, it matters! Don’t let it screw your mind inside. It might feel uncomfortable to tell it out but trust me it’s better to spill the beans instead of keeping it inside and let it f*CK you inside.

Also, we have to be open to the fact that we never know what people might be going through in their life.

We can confidently say that none’s life is full of roses without thorns. And yes, if you are thinking that, just because someone is going through something, it doesn't give him/her the right to treat you that way.

you are right!

What I am trying to tell you is, sometimes you can save people or relationship by being more understanding. People could be overwhelmed with their troubling thoughts and problems that they are unaware of how seeing how their actions and words are affecting the people around.

Some people are in desperate need of getting rescued by someone. In those cases, being understanding of their situations yet also making them understand what they are causing will help to correct their attitude and behaviour without hurting or leaving them for their poor handling actions.